November 13, 2021 0 Comments Games, Sticky

5 Best Minecraft Servers of 2021

Minecraft players have access to a wide variety of server types. This list will explore a range of Minecraft servers with a range of game modes, including intense PvP, classic survival, relaxing parkour and ruthlessly competitive minigames like Bedwars. You can find better list of minecraft servers at

1 Purple Prison – IP: PURPLEPRISON.ORG

With an active discord server community of over 30,000 friendly and welcoming members, the sense of community on this old but still hugely popular server is strong.

2 Roleplay-Hub – IP:

There are a few unique roleplay worlds for players to immerse themselves within; the most popular of which is centered around a Japanese high school. Here, players can roleplay either as a student or a teacher, and are free to create their own storyline; all while interacting with hundreds of other players inside the school.

3 Lunar Network – IP:

Its flagship PvP client for Minecraft, “Lunar Client”, has made Lunar Network very popular. Through various optimizations and a built-in anticheat system, this client can help players improve their PvP skills and ensure fair play.

4 MineClub – IP:

Mineclub is known for its attention to detail. It describes itself as a “social Minecraft server” that offers players small minigames created specifically for the server.

5 Parkour Craft – IP:

Players who complete parkour maps will receive in-game coins that can be collected and used to purchase awesome cosmetics such as pets, colored boots, and even sweet perks like colored nicknames.