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Tech News In The US – a Round-Up


The United States has a long relationship with technology. For many years, it has been one of the global pioneers of technological innovations. With Silicon Valley supporting the existence of both tech giants and tech startups, there is always interesting news when it comes to technology.

Also, people need to educate themselves about the developments in this field because cyber-attacks, the invention of new software tools, etc., may affect even the common man. Here is a round-up of the recent tech news in the US.

Tech Developments In The US

  • Space tech – The success of NASA’s MARS rover

NASA’s six-wheeled rover has a smooth thirty-three-minute drive on the surface of Mars. It is a significant development in NASA’s efforts to detect the signs of any past life on the red planet. NASA scientists say that the rover should next head towards a river delta. There, it will collect rocks before returning to Earth. There are two different routes to the delta – a smooth one and a tougher one. Scientists are debating which route the rover must next follow.


  • Will Google Fiber grow as a full-fledged service?400

Founded in 2010, Google Fiber is Google’s very own high-speed broadband internet service. Apart from Kansas City, where Google Fiber is headquartered, a couple of other locations have received Google Fiber. However, only some locations, such as Huntsville, are high service areas. In other places where the service opened much later, there is no widespread coverage.


There are still 34 metropolitan cities where Google announced that the service would be available. But none of the cities has seen the service yet. As the service hasn’t expanded much, questions such as ‘Is Google Fiber still a thing?’ have become more common among the general public.


Expanding services would include running new fibre lines. It comes at a great cost – be it the initial investment or labour. Thus, tech experts speculate that Google Fiber will no longer be able to expand its services. The generic statements on the official city websites for Google Fiber do not give any answer either.


It has been almost a decade since Google announced the Google Fiber project. But as long as deployment is concerned, it has a long way to go before it can catch up with its competitors.


  • Frequent-flyer data breached!

Data breaches have become commonplace even as companies tighten their data security measures. It is believed that a company that maintained the data regarding frequent-fliers and ticket-processing for a range of popular airlines, including Star Alliance and One World Members, has become the latest victim of a data breach.


In response to this news, some airlines reached out to their frequent flyers and issued notifications to change their passwords. The extent of a breach varies from airline to airline.


There is a lot of scope in research regarding data security, as we often see incidents of large-scale data breaches across industries.


  • The story behind the viral Tom Cruise deepfakes

Deepfake technology is the process of creating videos depicting people performing certain actions that they did not do. Using this technology, Chris Ume came up with a Tik Tok in which Tom Cruise was seen playing golf and performing a magic trick. In reality, it was actor Miles Fisher behind the camera.


The Tik Tok went viral last week and saw impressive stats! However, it also started discussions among people about the risks of the deepfake technology. When used by anti-social elements, deepfake technology can aid miscreants to create political videos that can disrupt elections, cause panic, or fuel tension between different groups of people.


After the video became viral, Chris Ume spoke to the media regarding the efforts behind making the video. Despite being a deepfake specialist, he claimed that it took a lot of work than what an average person can handle. He also expressed hope for the future. With more research, the technology will advance such that lesser human effort will be required in the coming years.


How to stay informed?

In this age where almost anyone with a smartphone has access to the internet, it is not only easy to access news, and misinformation is quite common too. Therefore, people are constantly in search of news sources that provide verified, credible information.

To access news regarding scientific and technological developments, one can either download and install smartphone apps or follow reputed blogs in the niche. The science and technology section of the humble newspaper, is of course, always an option!