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The news about NASA’s New Mars Rover?


It is very important to update yourself with the things that are going on around the world. This will help you in building an opinion and talking to people at a social gathering. The knowledge from the news is also beneficial for some exams to test your observational skills. You can find some latest news below regarding the United States and technology-related topics.

After waiting for quite a time, NASA finally hit the Mars Rover for its first drive. Showing 21 feet on the odometer, the rover failed to land in the right position. It took more than two weeks to check for signs of past life on the planet. The engineer behind the rover, Rich Rieber, was very optimistic after the rover landed on the planet. He is very motivated to see new stories on the planet. After landing on the planet, this New Mars Rover became the ninth spacecraft to have achieved this. The rover landed has been named after Octavia E. Butler, who was a science fiction author. She is responsible for improving the knowledge of science fiction, for which she is getting recognized.

Did Twitter introduce the undo button for the users?

After a series of awkward and controversial tweets made accidentally, Twitter is finally looking forward to adding the undo tweet feature. Jane Wong, responsible for exploring new features on different social media platforms, found this feature too. She posted a screenshot that showed that there is an undo button for a limited time. One spokesperson from Twitter came forward and cleared the air regarding the new feature. Before, the CEO of Twitter has also cleared that the social media platform would not introduce an “edit button”. Tests are going on regarding the undo button, and there might be paid features on Twitter in the future. The new undo feature is not a surprise for Twitter users because a previous Twitter survey hinted about it.

What is the coronavirus relief package update in the US?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak taking its charge again, The Senate has passed the controversial bill to offer relief to the patients. The bill includes $1,400 bills to American schools, small businesses, and government organizations. Even though they had to face the opposition’s hatred, the bill was passed with 50-49. The opposition seemed to have issues with the expense associated with the bill. The unemployed would also get benefits from the bill along with the insurance policy provided to them. The condition of the taxpaying system would also improve. Keeping the vaccine for coronavirus in mind, the bill also keeps $46 billion for testing at the state and local levels. The bill has been made by keeping the coronavirus condition in mind and adding new medical, educational, and unemployed status in the United States.


Who has been selected as the coach of the Super Bowl?

After having a series of appointments in a hospital regarding leukaemia, Chuck is back on the field to train the Super Bowl players. He has always considered the unity of the flowers over his problems. His friend, Pagano also appreciated his return on the field. After going through different places for their coaching career, they finally reunited in Colts. The previous matches which Chuck has coached showed that players were not told what they wanted to hear but what they were not expecting. Further telling about Chuck’s way of coaching, Pagano also said that he is the right guy who can motivate the players before the game.

How did SpaceX Starship perform in its testing?

The Starship by SpaceX has successfully landed but could not enjoy the success for a long time. It exploded instantly after landing on the pad and turned into the air. The previous tests with the same spaceship have also yielded the same result. The prototype belonging to Elon Musk lifted in the air after reaching the southernmost point of Texas. As the time of landing came closer, the spaceship turned upside down and crashed. It was different this time because the spaceship was fine during the landing but it exploded after a few seconds.

The spaceship test team is very positive and happy that the spaceship landed properly, unlike the previous ones. Musk tweeted later and looked hopeful of achieving the ultimate dream next time. Regarding any new spaceships landing, China is also in line to land a small rover.